Sabine & Sasha

English : There are two new members in my doll family : Sabine & Sasha. You can see photos of them with their original outfits here. And with new clothes I’ve made for them, here. I’ve also knitted a jacket for Tom, photos are there. Inma Français : Deux nouveaux membres sont arrivés dans ma […]

Last photos of my trip to Italy / Dernières photos de mon voyage en Italie / Últimas fotos de mi viaje a Italia

English : If you’d like to see Tom as gladiator at the Coliseum in Rome, Mitzi swimming and under the water in Cattolica or both enjoying the beautiful island of Capri, here are the photos Hope you like them, Inma Français: Si vous voulez voir Tom comme gladiateur au Colisée à Rome, Mitzi en train de nager […]

Minouche and Hannah (Gotz)

English : As I told you in my last mail, I have joined two swaps last year. I’m sharing now the photos of the second one. The theme was “A very cold winter” and I had to make something for Minouche (Sylvia Natterer dolls). Here is what I made : Minouche’s photos are here. And […]