Nancy, 50th anniversary in Malaga

English: Another convention celebrating Nancy’s 50th anniversary took place, this time in Malaga. Photos are here. We had a lot of fun! I attended also another convention in Onil, the village where Nancy was born, photos will be available soon. Inma Français: Une autre célébration du 50e anniversaire de Nancy a eu lieu, cette fois-ci à Malaga. Les […]

Nancy in Barcelona /Nancy à Barcelone/ Nancy en Barcelona

English:  I made a special outfit for Nancy to visit Barcelona and I took several pictures of her in this beautiful city, the day after Nancy’s 50th birthday party that took place there, they are here.  Hope you like them, Inma Français : J’ai fait une tenue très spéciale pour Nancy pour visiter Barcelone et j’ai […]

Nancy 50th anniversary in Barcelona /50 aniversario Nancy en Barcelona / 50e anniversaire Nancy à Barcelone

English: After a few months with a lot of stress, health problems added to those of my mother, here I am again! This year is very important for the doll Nancy by Famosa, it is her 50th anniversary and many events are taking place all over Spain to commemorate her birthday. I am attending a […]

Let’s celebrate Chinese New Year ! /Mes asiatiques célèbrent le Nouvel An chinois / Celebrando el Año Nuevo chino

English: Azuki and Hiro have made a paper dragoon to celebrate the Chinese New Year ! The photo is here. Inma Français: Hiro n’a pas eu trop de succès avec Mali, mais ce n’est pas grave, Azuki est ravie de l’accompagner pour célébrer le Nouvel An Chinois. Ils ont fait ensemble un dragon en papier et […]

Paola Reina, new photos

English: I’ve been working for my Paola Reina dolls, most of them articulated now. Here is what I’ve made, photos are here. I’ve crocheted also some outfits, the pictures are here. Hope you like them ! Inma Français : J’ai fait plusieurs tenues pour mes Paola Reina dernièrement, dont beaucoup sont maintenant articulées. Vous pouvez voir les photos […]