Tania, Olivier & Rosi

English: Meet Tania, Olivier and Rosi, they will be soon joining the fun ! Here are the photos. Inma Français : J’ai du retard dans la présentation de mes poupées. Voici Tana, Oliver et Rosi, trois petits lutins très coquins. Les photos sont par ici. Inma Español: Os enseño hoy otros tres duendecillos, Tania, Olivier y […]

Doll photo contest / Concours de photos de poupées / Concurso de fotos de muñecas

English : I am participating in a doll photo contest, on facebook, the theme is Christmas. I have choosen my little elves for this photo. They are enjoying Christmas eve when Santa arrives, like every year, to ask their help for the distribution of gifts. If you like my photo, feel free to vote for it by […]

Sabine & Sasha

English : There are two new members in my doll family : Sabine & Sasha. You can see photos of them with their original outfits here. And with new clothes I’ve made for them, here. I’ve also knitted a jacket for Tom, photos are there. Inma Français : Deux nouveaux membres sont arrivés dans ma […]