Nancy, 50th birthday in Onil (Spain)/50 anniversaire Nancy à Onil/50 aniversario Nancy en Onil

English: Here are the photos of the celebration of Nancy’s 50th birthday I took in Onil where are made many Spanish and other European dolls. There are hundreds of doll pictures, hope you like them! Photos are here. Français: Voici enfin les photos de la célébration du 50e anniversaire de la poupée Nancy à Onil, près de Alicante, […]

Nancy in Barcelona /Nancy à Barcelone/ Nancy en Barcelona

English:  I made a special outfit for Nancy to visit Barcelona and I took several pictures of her in this beautiful city, the day after Nancy’s 50th birthday party that took place there, they are here.  Hope you like them, Inma Français : J’ai fait une tenue très spéciale pour Nancy pour visiter Barcelone et j’ai […]