Knitting for Effner Little Darling / Des tricots pour mes Little Darling / Punto para mis Little Darling

English : I’ve been knitting lately, I have made two knitted outfits for my Little Darling dolls, one for mold 1, photos here and one for mold 2, pictures here. I am knitting also for my other LD dolls, I’ll share photos as soon as it is done. Inma Français : Je suis en train de […]

Animal hat collection for Iplehouse / Collection de bonnets d’animaux pour Iplehouse / Colección de gorros de animales para Iplehouse

English : I have made a knitted outfit for five of my Iplehouse BJDs as well as a crocheted animal bonnet for each of them and also a crocheted amigurumi. It was long to do but my dolls like the result. Here are the pictures: Hope you like them, Inma Français : J’ai fait un ensemble tricoté pour 5 […]